About our Directors of Curriculum Design
Francesca Barreiro, Ed.M.

FrancescaFrancesca has always been passionate about designing programs that nurture the developing brains of children from birth through the early childhood years. She has years of experience in formal classroom teaching and curriculum design in early elementary grades and completed her Masters in the Mind, Brain and Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

At Harvard, Francesca focused on translating scientific research into practice, informal learning development and design, and family engagement. Francesca also holds a B.Sc. in Human Development from Cornell.





Andrea Zuniga, Ed.M.

Andrea has worked for over almost a decade in community, family and youth
development programs, focusing on arts, writing and creativity. Her work has involved connecting families, teachers and students via academic enrichment and creativity programs in K-12.

She developed programs in youth and family leadership, academic tutoring, and designed curriculum in creative writing for young people's published works. She completed her master program in Education Policy and Management at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and her B.A. from UCLA.

The CubbyCase Development Process

Curating great educational products is the number 1 priority for CubbyCase! In the initial stages of crafting each box, our Curriculum team examines various curriculum standards for 5-9 year olds. We study learning and developmental benchmarks across the US, as well as countries like Singapore, which exhibit exceptional educational excellence.

The team then identifies a set of key learning outcomes critical for a child's educational development in that age range, and sources for products that bring out these lessons effectively. 

We then go one step further, and create a set of curriculum cards for each products, to enhance the learning opportunities from each product and provide an easy way for parents to engage with their children. 

Guiding the entire curation and curriculum creation process are 4 pillars: 

The Joy of Learning Together
At CubbyCase, we value the rewarding benefits of learning as a family. Each product is paired with a CubbyCurriculum that enhances fun and learning!

Social-emotional Growth
We promote the development of soft-skills by providing parents with information on soft-skill techniques and best practices that can be applied to play-time with their children. We encourage empathy, growth mindset, generosity, curiosity, compassion and more!

Simplicity and Accessibility
Our CubbyCurriculum arrives in easy to read and follow activities and learning cards. Each product encourages interaction, engagement and fun together.
We strive to select products that range in diversity of skills and fields, as well as products that embrace and promote diverse ideas, people and communities.
Check out a sample CubbyCurriculum card below!