CubbyCase was inspired by the love for our families, and the treasured time we both experienced while learning and playing with the grownups in our lives. These rewarding experiences drove us to learn more about the importance of quality education and family engagement, so we attended, and met, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Much of our time there was dedicated to exploring creativity, imagination, and play. We both shared a fascination with child development, creativity and the theory and practice of playing! When we began researching educational products, we were overwhelmed by the plethora of educational tools available today. We spent sleepless months reading, researching, investigating, and learning about the best educational practices. During our grad program, we had the option to focus fully on our studies, and we were excited to share what we learned with our friends and families.

We want to help families streamline educational and fun products for their kids, while providing a guiding, simple and fun curriculum to engage in together.

We thought: "Could we start something to help parents discover best products and engage in fun activities to support their child's education?"

With this question in mind, CubbyCase was born!

Kelvin & Fred