School Holidays 2017 Kids Things to Do this Summer!

School’s out! Summer 2017 begins! What can parents do to keep the kids entertained while making the best use of their time in the 2017 School Holidays? Here are some simple fun and meaningful activities for children that our learning experts have put together! 

 1) Go Outdoors!

This is the best time to hit the outdoors! Outdoor play gives children the opportunity to discover the natural world around them and is key to childhood development. Two simple activities you can do are

  • Use a magnifying glass or portable microscope to observe the leaves and bugs in the park/ forest
  • Fly electric airplanes in the park and learn all about aerodynamics!

Still unsure? Here’s an entire research paper on why outdoor play is so important! 

Kids Outdoors

2) Keep reading! 

We cannot stress enough the importance of reading at an early age. Reading stimulates the mind, builds knowledge, expands your vocabulary, improves memory, and so much more! Don’t throw all the books aside just because school is out! Instead, take the extra time and nudge your children to read more! Not sure where to start?

Here are some wonderful books you may not have heard of!
Pieces of Another World
Mother Bruce

Kids Reading

3) Get baking! 

Baking is a great way to bond with your kids! Sure it can get pretty messy in the kitchen, but the rewards are worth it! Besides the yummy bakes, the baking process helps kids develop those important fine motor skills! For instance, squeezing dough helps in hand strengthening, while hand-eye coordination is required when pouring ingredients. 

Baking also involves many measurements, helping kids to conceptualise the math behind the various ratios of ingredients! Scholastic’s Itty Bitty Baking Kit is a great way to get started!

 Kids Baking

Love the above ideas? Guess what? All the suggested activities and products were items are featured in our CubbyCase education subscription box! Subscribe now and receive your box full of fun learning every month! Learning cannot wait!


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