Four Ways Parents Raise Successful Children

By Ravijot Singh,

Like any other skill, parenting is a skill that can be learned. What distinguishes many successful people from the rest is many times the way they were raised by their parents. By understanding the common characteristics and practices used by parents of successful adults, you too can parent your kid to navigate and create their own path to success. Let’s look at what parents of successful kids have in common:-

1. They teach their kids social skills
Social intelligence plays just as important role in life as academic intelligence. Parents of successful kids don’t just focus on what a school or university is teaching but teach their children other life skills so that they can navigate their path to success. People who have high social intelligence have seen to have better chances at getting a well paying job and form better relationships with people at work and college.

2. They teach their kids to question everything
People who have escaped culturescape to design their life as per their own terms have a common habit of questioning everything rather than assuming whatever has been told to them as a fact. They understand the difference between relative truth and fact. This habit stems because many times their parents made sure that they question everything and find the answers on their own before assuming anything from anyone.

3. They give their children room to fail
Failing is a very important part of succeeding. Parents of successful kids don’t refrain their kids from taking risks, they understand that the failing in something will help the child build resilience and endurance it takes to succeed in life.

4. They teach their children self love
Parents of successful people understand that if people don’t honour or respect themselves, no one would end up doing them. If children have low self esteem or love for themselves, there is a healthy chance that other people will try to take advantage out of them or mistreat them. Parents of successful people teach them how to love themselves, have a healthy self-esteem for leading successfully in their lives and have a sense of gratitude for the attributes the children naturally has.

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