Five reasons why CubbyCase is the right subscription box for you

With its mission of making parenting fun and easy, CubbyCase provides monthly subscription boxes with carefully curated educational tools and activities. However, what makes your CubbyCase so special?

1. Brought to you by Harvard Education graduates
A unique set of parenting tips and tricks and an awesome collection of educational products will be brought to your doorstep every month by your very own Harvard Education graduates. Our curriculum team will guide you through proven, effective tactics that will make parenting far more enjoyable!

2. Saves you time looking for quality products
Consumed by all that office work and got no time to read those parenting magazines or blogs? CubbyCase is here to help! With directed research and expert minds on the CubbyCase team, we assure that your CubbyCase will contain top-notch products that are not only fun, but also proven to help your child's development! 

3) Quality Family Time
Having trouble engaging with your child? Tired of family movie nights? Our curriculum cards contain simple but research-backed activities that are both fun and meaningful! 

4. Curriculum-Focused
Our CubbyCurriculum team understands that you have academic expectations for your child. CubbyCase is designed with developmental and cognitive benchmarks for 5-to-9-year-olds in mind. Our exercises deliver key learning outcomes such as reading comprehension, basic math, and introductory science.

5. Helps you be a better parent
The activities are designed to help you engage better with your children, even if you have limited time. For instance, our first box contains a tip sheet emphasizing the concept of “Growth Mindset,” which is the belief that intelligence and abilities can be improved with effort. We also highlight ways that you can model the Growth Mindset and foster it in your child via your everyday behavior and using the materials in your CubbyCase.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your CubbyCase here!

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  • Nilda Carmona

    Can you provide more information about the curriculum and what entails?
    Also,are they appropriate for English Language Learners?
    Are the activities available in Spanish?Any other language?

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