Education Subscription Box Teaches Parents Goal Setting For Kids (2017)

Parents can learn about goal setting for kids from the CubbyTip in this month's CubbyCase education subscription box!

Goal setting is vital for children's development as they build 21st century skills like resilience, responsibility, time management, confidence, perseverance and more!

This month, CubbyCase featured the work of Katie Hurley, author of a child /adolescent psychotherapist and parenting educator in Los Angeles, CA and the author of The Happy Kid Handbook: How to Raise Joyful Children in a Stressful World. 

As we welcome 2017, we hope that this provides parents with practical steps to engage in goal setting with their children. Wishing parents a great start to this new year! 

Read more about goal setting here:

 Goal Setting with Kids


  • Parenting Pod

    I agree that goal setting is crucial for kids learning!

    Parenting Pod

  • Sarah Key

    Thank you for sharing these resources!

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