CubbyCase - The perfect gift for your grandchildren

With rapidly developing technology, it could be challenging for people from different generations to bond over gadgets, which ceaselessly evolve. Grandparents, especially, may at times struggle to have fun the “modern” way with their grandchildren and need to learn the complexities of devices in bulk. What other way could grandparents implement to strengthen bonds with grandchildren?

1. Reintroduce the toys of your generation

Remember the spirograph? A popular toy in the old days, the spirograph results in wondrous patterns with only simple circular strokes. Through CubbyCase, you can rejuvenate those old days by playing the spirograph with your child! This is also a great way to ameliorate the child’s dependence on gadgets. Even in the midst of supercharged ipads and smartphones, these traditional toys still hold great educational value today.

2. Remember me?

A sad reality is that grandparents in the 21st century are often geographically separated from their grandchildren. According to a 2009 Ohio State University study, only 0.4 percent of the studied 2,493 grandparents live with their grandchildren. The study shows that grandparents’ living closely with their grandchildren correlates with their better well being.

And oftentimes, during their time with grandparents, grandchildren would request gifts. However, giving too many toys, in accordance to children’s wishes, could also fail to develop children’s the sense of modesty — that one may not always receive what they wish for granted. Hence, giving them the right amount of toys is the way to go. A monthly subscription box service gives grandparents an opportunity to stay connected, even if they are not physically present. A monthly present from their grandparents is a physical reminder for the kids that grandma or grandpa is thinking about them.

3. Finding ways to engage

Of course, grandparents are often tasked with imparting wisdom to the younger generation. Our simple tools and activities offer a way for grandparents to interact more closely with their grandchildren if they get the opportunity.

CubbyCurriculum cards provide simple instructions and activities that families can go through together as a way to spend quality family time. Each card is specially designed by alums of the Harvard Graduate School of Education to ensure the instructions are easy-to-follow, and written in the familiar language that teachers use with 5-9 year olds in school.

More importantly, CubbyCase provides an open space to teach not only lessons about reading or recognizing shapes, but also about life values and mindsets.

Cherish every memorable moment with your grandchildren by getting your CubbyCases here!


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